Calligraphy is highly custom in nature, with many variables that make up the price.

***Please include an extra 15-20% extra envelopes, place cards etc. when ordering your invitations and place cards to accommodate corrections and additions.***

A deposit of half of the quoted amount is required to hold space on my calendar.


 Basic pricing are as follows:

Envelope lettering:

  • $35 set up fee for all orders
  • Outer envelope ~ $3.00 base price, 3 line address zip code included, each additional line $1.00
  • Inner Envelope ~ $1.50, base price, per line
  • Escort Cards ~ $1.50
  • Return address lettering on envelope (2 lines) ~ $1.50
  • RSVP Envelopes are $2.50 per envelope
  • Staggered alignment is no charge  

*Variations may occur in the spacing, layout, and design of a hand calligraphed envelope*

  Up-grades include:

  • Dark and/or lined envelopes: $.50 per piece (guidelines must be drawn and erased)
  • Centering Lines: $.50 per envelope (Each line must be drawn with pencil, measured, calligraphed and erased)
  • Guest lists must be exactly how you want them addressed. PDF, word or excel formats are fine.
  • Place cards, Escort Cards, Menu Cards, etc.: $1.50 base price, per line
  • Other “Day Of” Elements ~ please contact me for details and pricing.

Email for detailed pricing