Recommended Supplies for Beginners


The best holder to get when you are first starting out is the Hourglass Adjustable Oblique holder. The adjustable flange is great for beginners for trying different nibs without too much fuss. You can purchase one at Paper and Ink Arts. Also Chris Yoke at Yoke Pen Company makes beautiful custom holders when you're ready for a more personalized holder.


I recommend the Nikko G, the Zebra G and the Tachikawa G nibs for beginners. But I also recommend to buy a Copperplate Sampler from with Paper and Ink Arts or John Neal Booksellers. It comes with 30 different types of nibs so that you can discover which ones work better for you



  • Strathmore Layout Bond - Michael's
  • Canson Marker Layout - Michael's
  • Rhodia Paper Graph - University Art

Websites to Check Out

  • IAMPETH - International Association Master Penman Egrossers and Teachers of Handwriting offer free lessons and is a GREAT resource all around
  • Guide Sheets - for practice
  • The Flourish Forum  - Created By Erica McPhee a calligrapher for over 30 years. A free place to discuss and discover all things calligraphy. All levels are welcomed and celebrated. Great resources when you are starting out and if you become a member (it's Free) She has free tutorial lessons which I used and are incredibly helpful and Envelope Exchanges 6+ times a year with various themes and TONS OF FUN :) ...
  • Dasherie Magazine - Created and Published By Erica McPhee - First ever magazine to celebrate and showcase calligraphy on every page..
  • Paper and Ink Arts
  • John Neal Booksellers